Country/Specific Resources

India PageFlake
Library of Congress - Country Studies--China
Library of Congress--Country Studies--India
BBC Country Profile: Taiwan
Library of Congress: Country Studies: Pakistan
Library of Congress Country Studies: Bangladesh
State Department’s Background Notes
CIA World Factbook
InfoNation United Nations comparison
E-Conflict World Encyclopedia
INCORE Conflict Data Service
Economist Country Briefings
BBC: Country Profile: China
OneWorld Asia
BBC: Kashmir Flashpoint
PBS: China in the Red
BBC: China 50 Years of Communism
PBS: Soul of India
CNN Hong Kong: Ten Years On
Guardian Unlimited: Special Report India
Yahoo! China
Yahoo! China Society and Culture
Yahoo! India Society and Culture
China Through a Lens (authorized government site)
CNN Asia
Google China
Google: China Politics
Google India
Google: Tibet
Google: Taiwan
Google: Taiwan Society and Culture
Google: Hong Kong
Google: Bangladesh
Google: Pakistan Issues
Google: India Issues
Google: India Religion
Google: India Politics
AVERT Averting HIV and AIDS

Historical Figures / Biography

Biography Resource Center
Biography Reference Bank via Access PA
Infoplease - Biography
Biographical Dictionary
China Vitae
Dalai Lama

Maps of Asia

Perry Casteneda: Maps--China
Perry Casteneda: Maps--India
National Geographic Xpeditions
Atlapedia Online

Politics / Human Rights

Amnesty International (India)
Amnesty International (China)
Human Rights Watch (Asia)
US Dept. of State - Bureau for Asia and Pacific
Freedom House: Country Reports

Specific Issues
PBS Frontline: Dreams of Tibet
Government of Tibet in Exile
Free Tibet (official news)
BuddhaNet -- Buddhist Information & Education Network
Indian Child: Population of IndiaUNESCAP: India, National Population Policy
World in the Balance (human population issues)
Kashmir Times Online
Kashmir: Where Conflict Rules
India and Pakistan: Fifty Years of Independence
British India and the Great Rebellion
Kashmir: Where Conflict Rules
Tibet Online
Tibetan Government in Exile